Finding the perfect color for the interior or exterior of your home can sometimes be a daunting task. Ensuring the colors flow nicely from room-to-room is a must, and making sure what you choose is in line with your style is just as important. If you’re having a hard time figuring out which colors to choose, we can help.

Essentially, you are going to be the author of color in and on your home, but we wanted to share some of the popular colors we’ve seen this year to hopefully give you some inspiration. We’ve also included colors that go well with each option so you have more to choose from. Each color palette can be used to help choose interior and exterior accent, or trim colors. These palettes can also help you choose paint colors for multiple rooms in your home so everything goes well together. 

Pro Tip: If you don’t like any of the popular choices and still can’t make a decision, JK Paint has professional color consultants available to help in the surrounding Portland Metro areas of Oregon. Having a color consultant can streamline the paint process, saving time and money (Timmons). On top of that, hiring a color consultant is a sure way to end up satisfied with your result.

Popular House Paint Colors

These colors have been seen on both exterior and interior walls in 2022. Whether you’re looking for something to refresh the inside of your home or to update the outside of your house for better curb appeal, we hope you see something you like!

Agreeable Gray


Agreeable Gray, Sherwin Williams (“Agreeable Gray SW 7029 – Neutral Paint Color”)

Agreeable Gray is a great neutral color for any room or exterior house siding color. It offers a slightly earthy tone that looks and feels calming.

Colors that go well with Agreeable Gray: 

  • Extra White
  • Coral Rose
  • Incredible White

Repose Gray


Repose Gray, Sherwin Williams (“Repose Gray SW 7015 – Neutral Paint Color”)

Another widely used neutral gray color. Repose Gray has a slightly darker tone than Agreeable Gray and would also work nicely on the exterior or interior of any home.

Colors that go well with Repose Gray:

  • Pavestone
  • Coral Clay
  • Eider White

Pure White


Pure White, Sherwin Williams (“Pure White SW 7005”)

White is a color that can be put alongside almost anything and look good. If you’re struggling to find a color that matches your interior decor, Pure White is a good choice.

Colors that go well with Pure White:

  • March Wind
  • Perle Noir

Pro Tip: For any color, it’s always encouraged to bring home samples (McGrath) of the shades you like in the store and see them in the lighting of your home and against the backdrop of your furniture.



Alabaster, Sherwin Williams (“Alabaster SW 7008 – White & Pastel Paint Color”)

Similar to Pure White, Alabaster can go well with a variety of décor options. A perfect color for exterior or interior walls.

Colors that go well with Alabaster:

  • Townhall Tan
  • Dakota Wheat



Snowbound, Sherwin Williams (“Snowbound SW 7004 – White & Pastel Paint Color”)

Another white pastel color, similar to Alabaster. Snowbound is a relaxing color that would look great in or on any home.

Colors that go well with Snowbound:

  • Colonnade Gray
  • Autumn Orchid

Chantilly Lace


Chantilly Lace, Benjamin Moore (“Painted wall with Chantilly Lace OC-65”)

A beautiful neutral white tone (Moore), and a popular choice throughout 2022 for both exterior and interior house color.

Colors that go well with Chantilly Lace:

  • Edgecomb Gray
  • Horizon
  • Seapearl
  • White

Best Interior Paint Finish And Type

JK Paint recommends upgrading to a Promar-200 Sherwin-Williams paint (“ProMar 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex | SherwinWilliams”) in an eggshell finish for interior walls, or Duration Home Sherwin-Williams paint (“The Duration® Family”). Promar-200 and Duration Home paint, matched with an eggshell finish, offer a flawless, durable long lasting result that is also easy to clean.

cabinet painting in a portland, oregon house | JK Painting

Best Exterior Paint Finish And Type

For exterior paint, JK Paint recommends upgrading to Emerald Paint (“Emerald® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint”). Superpaint (“SuperPaint® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint”) is a popular choice as well. Both paint types should be used in a satin finish. This combination will ensure a clean finish that lasts for years to come, with exceptional durability and quality.

What Colors Look Best In And On A House (From The Colors Listed)?

The colors you choose for in and outside of your home will always depend on your preference, but we’ll offer some suggestions in reference to the popular colors of the year and their coordinating colors for exterior and interior use.

Agreeable Gray Exterior Color Scheme

Siding: Agreeable Gray

Trim: Extra White

Garage Doors or Front & Back Doors: Incredible White

Accents: Coral Rose

Agreeable Gray Interior Color Scheme

Living Room: Agreeable Gray 

Kitchen: Extra White

Bathroom: Incredible White

Bedroom: Incredible White

Accents/Décor: Coral Rose

bedroom painted repose grey by JK Paint

Repose Gray Exterior Color Scheme

Siding: Pavestone

Trim: Eider white

Garage Doors or Front & Back Doors: Eider White

Accents: Repose Gray

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that these suggestions are subjective and can easily be changed. Try swapping the color options around, you might find a combination you like better.

Repose Gray Interior Color Scheme

Living Room: Repose Gray

Kitchen: Eider White

Bathroom: Coral Clay

Bedroom: Repose Gray

Accents/Décor: Pavestone

Pure White Exterior Color Scheme

Siding: March Wind

Trim: Pure White

Garage Doors or Front & Back Doors: Pure White

Accents: Perle Noir

Pure White Interior Color Scheme

Living Room: March Wind

Kitchen: Pure White

Bathroom: Perle Noir

Bedroom: Perle Noir

Accents/Décor: March Wind

JK Paint Exterior Painting

Alabaster Exterior Color Scheme

Siding: Alabaster

Trim: Townhall Tan

Garage Doors or Front & Back Doors: Townhall Tan

Accents: Dakota Wheat

Alabaster Interior Color Scheme

Living Room: Alabaster

Kitchen: Alabaster

Bathroom: Dakota Wheat

Bedroom: Townhall Tan

Accents/Décor: Alabaster

Snowbound Exterior Color Scheme

Siding: Colonnade Gray

Trim: Snowbound

Garage Doors or Front & Back Doors: Snowbound

Accents: Autumn Orchid

Snowbound Interior Color Scheme

Living Room: Snowbound

Kitchen: Colonnade Gray

Bathroom: Snowbound

Bedroom: Colonnade Gray

Accents/Décor: Autumn Orchid


Chantilly Lace Exterior Color Scheme

Siding: Edgecomb Gray

Trim: Seapearl

Garage Doors or Front & Back Doors: White

Accents: Seapearl

Chantilly Lace Interior Color Scheme

Living Room: Chantilly Lace

Kitchen: White

Bathroom: Horizon

Bedroom: Chantilly Lace

Accents/Décor: Edgecomb Gray

Choose Relaxing Interior And Exterior House Paint Colors

Coming home should be a relaxing experience. Choosing a spa inspired color (Griffing) for the outside and inside of your home is a good way to keep things calm. The colors we previously mentioned do just that. Whether you’d like to go more moody with the darker shades, or keep it feng shui with the airy pastel colors, you can’t go wrong with any of the tones listed above.

JK Paint is a painting company that services the Portland Metro areas in Oregon. If you’re interested in painting the interior or exterior of your home and want professional help, contact us for satisfactory results and a long lasting paint job.