With the new year upon us plus the dawning of a new decade, chances are you and your home could probably use a fresh start in 2020. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to achieve a clean slate is by choosing a new paint color.

Whether you’re looking to make your front door a focal point, create a man-cave of coolness, or manifest a place to meditate, Sherwin Williams color of the year, Naval, is sure to please all hands on deck.

A bold yet balmy choice

Sherwin Williams Naval SW 6244 is a rich shade of blue that soothes the soul while evoking confidence at the same time. It’s the color of the majestic night sky as well as the deeply mysterious sea. Naval is calm. Naval is crisp. Naval is competent. It’s the perfect combination of ease and endurance.

The sky’s the limit

Sherwin Williams color of the year is at the forefront of interior house color trends in the new year. When you think of Naval, think of striking kitchen cabinets, beaming accent walls, or even entire rooms. Naval is also making waves in exterior house color trends such as siding, awnings, and doors. Imagine such a confident yet relaxing color welcoming your friends and family into your home.

Beyond the blue

If you’re looking for complementary colors, Icicle SW 6238, Ramie SW 6156, and Roycroft Suede SW 2842 pair perfectly with Naval SW 6244. Icicle is a light gray that keeps that cool

motif going, while Ramie warms things up with a bit of beige. Roycroft Suede brings even more heat as it’s slightly darker than Ramie. Try using one, two, or all three colors with Naval for a classic look for the interior or exterior of your home.

New blue, new you

Sherwin Williams’s Naval is the beacon you need to navigate your home into the new decade. Use it in a room where you want peace and serenity, like a master bedroom or yoga studio. Or take it outside and make a statement by transforming the exterior of your house into a nautical cottage that looks like it was plucked right out of an architectural magazine.

Reaching for the stars

The year 2020 is full of possibilities. The paint you choose for your next project can inspire and reflect what you hope to accomplish in your life as you move through the new year. Sherwin Williams Naval will set a course for success, determination, and perseverance. With their superior quality paints you can be sure that it will stand the test of time.

Looking for a fresh start with a fresh coat of paint?

If you’re thinking about painting your home’s interior or exterior with the Sherwin Williams color of the year, Naval (or any other color) make sure it’s done right. Hire a professional Portland area painting contractor who will take the time and care to make sure you love your new paint. JK Paint & Contracting is licensed, insured and guarantees their work. Contact them today to schedule a consultation and get your painting project started.