The bedroom is meant to be a place of rest and relaxation. But not all colors are conducive to rest and relaxing, and that means choosing the right hue for your bedroom is critical!

To help you transform your nighttime retreat into a sanctuary, here are the best bedroom paint colors that promote relaxation. Use these calming colors on the walls, on your furniture, and wherever else you can weave them.

Sea Blue

Blue promotes feelings of calmness, serenity, and stability. While any shade of blue is likely to help you relax, why not turn your bedroom into a permanent vacation destination with a lovely sea blue reminiscent of the ocean and clear sky? Mix this color with similarly nautical shades like navy, pearl white, and seafoam to create a room that feels like a luxury seaside resort.


You’ll want to avoid darker shades of purple for your bedroom, but lighter shades like periwinkle and lavender can make you feel peaceful. Lavender in particular is a good choice. The herb lavender is known to improve sleep quality when used in aromatherapy, which means many of us naturally associate lavender—the herb, the smell, and the color—with sleep. A bedroom decorated head-to-toe in this soothing color can signal to your brain that it’s time to rest.


The next best bedroom paint color that promotes relaxation is red. Red might seem like a peculiar color choice for a bedroom, but it’s all about the shade. Bold reds can keep you awake, but muted, earthy reds like terracotta can calm and ground your mind. A gentle red can also make your bedroom feel warm and inviting.

If you go with terracotta for your bedroom, don’t forget to mix in plenty of soft textiles in complementary colors like cerulean, cream, and mustard to create the ultimate cozy effect.

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