Commercial Painting Services In The Portland Metro Area

Painting the interior and exterior of your commercial building maintains the value of your investment and makes the property more marketable. Our team of commercial painting experts has the equipment and expertise to work on commercial buildings of all sizes.

We’ll communicate with you and the contractors on the job to ensure your building gets the best paint job in the most efficient time frame. To get a free quote or ask us additional questions about our commercial building painting services, please call us at 503-840-8690.

Commercial Painting Process

Exterior painting occurs after the siding and trim are installed, and before landscaping/sprinkler systems are installed. Some contractors work differently, but at JK Paint, we are aware of the complexities and challenges that can arise in coordinating commercial projects. We realize that painting is usually the last job in the project schedule. However, in the event that painting needs to be moved up or pushed back, we are accommodating and easy to work with. We also have the resources to assist commercial projects and are familiar with large scale project payment systems.

JK paint exterior painting

Why Choose JK Paint & Contracting For Commercial Painting?

Since JK Paint is typically the last group of contractors on site, we pride ourselves on the flexibility we have with other contractors on the job, and know how to manage delays; we take care of what needs to be taken care of and don’t need to be monitored to finish a project.

We are committed to providing outstanding customer service and unmatched commercial paint work. As a family owned painting business, our projects are all managed by a single person from initial bid to finalized product without the runaround that could happen at a large painting company. Our commercial painting crews are on time and held accountable through every step of the paint process. We value integrity over having an unhappy or unsatisfied customer and would prefer to earn a solid reputation for being a painting contractor that people can rely on.

Family Owned & Operated

Every project is managed and finalized by our project manager who can assist you in a smooth and stress free painting process while upholding our values for a quality commercial paint job.

Experienced Team Members

Our trusted paint contractors are experienced in both exterior and interior painting. We will ensure you receive a superior paint result that protects your home and makes it look like new!

Capacity For Large Projects

Our crew is led by an employee, not a subcontractor, who has relationships with the main painters and subcontractors on site and knows how to work alongside other contractors and subcontractors on large projects to deliver a job well done.

Licensed & Insured

Our painters are both licensed and insured in the state of Oregon so you can trust your commercial painting project will be completed with convenience and ease.

Painting Preparation

Paint prep is just as important as the exterior or interior painting service itself – our team experienced painters will wash, sand, caulk, and prime the surface with precision for a long lasting and quality completion.

Lead-Safe Certified Services

We are a lead-safe certified painting contractor, which means our painting team can safely remove lead-based paint and bring even the oldest structures back to life no matter how big or small the interior or exterior paint job is.

We Are Warrantied

You can trust that the work will be completed right the first time with clear communication and attention to detail. However, in the unlikely event of a painting mishap you can also trust us to make things right.

Efficiency & Reliability

We rely on our year-round, in-house exterior and interior painting crew to ensure your project needs are met in every season.

Exterior & Interior Painting Services

Exterior Wall Paint

Re-painting your siding doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our painting contractors have worked on projects big and small and know how to tackle even the most overwhelming paint jobs.

Need New Siding?

Older siding will require more than new paint to be updated. Siding that has noticeable or underlying damage (gaps, cracks, wood rot etc.) poses a threat to the security of your building. Sister Siding can repair or replace your old siding with new siding to boost the aesthetic of your property and protect it from common siding issues found in the Pacific Northwest.

Interior Wall Paint

Do the walls in your building need a new paint color? Re-paint your rooms with JK Paint & Contracting.

Need A Drywall Repair?

Your walls might require more than new paint to be updated. JK Paint & Contracting can fix drywall that has noticeable or underlying damage, which can pose a threat to the security of your building. Just let us know how we can assist you. We also do texture matching for drywall or ceilings that don’t have a smooth finish.

JK paint interior painting photo

Door Painting & Staining

Are you tired of your old door color? Whether your facility needs a completely new door or just a different colored one, JK Paint & Contracting can help. A new coat of paint or a new stain color on your door will help update the whole look of your structure.

Exterior & Interior Trim Paint

When you change the color of your walls or doors, our painters can change the color of the trim to match.

Deck Painting & Staining

Our experienced painters also work on decks! You’ll have the option to use semi-transparent stains, solid colored stains or special paints specifically designed for floors. Keep in mind that decking requires regular maintenance, and the hardest part of painting or staining a deck is prepping the deck so that it will properly absorb the penetrating stains or so that the paint will adhere.

If you want to change the color of your deck, contact us about the multiple deck paints and staining options we have to match your preference.

Fireplace & Brick Painting

Does your building have a fireplace that needs to be updated with a new color? With proper preparation and the correct type of paint, we’ll have your fireplace looking brand new in no time.

Our painters also know how to paint over brick so you don’t have to worry about keeping brick colors that don’t match your style. Whether you want to change the paint color on your brick fireplace or your brick siding, we’d be happy to help you do so.

Ceiling Paint

Our painting pros do it all. Ceilings aren’t typically thought of when changing the color of a building, but if you need your ceiling repainted, we won’t leave any spot untouched.

It’s ideal to have ceilings painted at the same time as the walls or trim. However, if you only need your ceiling painted, that’s great too! Either way, our painting contractors will ensure a clean finish with straight lines and no messy paint drippings.

Examples Of Commercial Housing Units We Service:

  • Dorms (ie: George Fox Univ.)
  • Apartment complexes
  • HOAs – condos, townhomes, row houses
  • Assisted Living facilities 
  • Rehab facilities
  • Office building
  • Medical/dental office
  • Warehouse
  • Restaurants
  • Wineries

Safe & Certified Lead-Based Paint Removal

JK Paint & Contracting, is licensed and EPA approved by the state of Oregon as a lead–safe certified contractor. We can easily make your building safer with our lead paint removal services and proceed to make it look brand new with fresh coats of lead-free paint.

When dealing with a home or facility built prior to 1978, the State of Oregon requires a certified lead–safe contractor. Our certified employees are trained, protected and properly equipped with EPA and OSHA–approved lead removal equipment and respirators to ensure their safety. We’ve worked vigorously to ensure our painting professionals can complete lead-related paint jobs with the same level of efficiency and accuracy as any of our other projects.

jk-paint-lead-paint-removal-4 (1)

EPA Certified Contractor

We have worked on numerous projects involving lead-based paints. OSHA has visited our lead paint job sites and been impressed with our compliance to their rigorous safety regulations. Safety and cleanliness are our top two priorities when we reach a job site, and that holds true for lead removal as much as it does for other exterior or interior painting services.

JK Paint & Contracting is an EPA certified contractor offering lead paint removal services to Portland, Oregon, and its surrounding areas. These locations include Newberg, Sherwood, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, and the entire Portland-Metro area. Call our lead paint removal experts for a no obligation quote.


JK Paint did an excellent job painting the exterior of our winery building. This is a metal building so a bit of a special job and they knew exactly what was called for. The finish on the new paint is excellent and we are thrilled with the transformation. Professional, thorough, good communication, attention to detail, courteous, easy to work with – you name a positive adjective and they achieved it 🙂

-Hemmer Vineyards

Project Showcase

Services we offer at JK Paint & Contracting:

  • Deck Painting and Staining
  • Trim and Woodwork Painting
  • Dry-Rot Repairs
  • Drywall Repairs
  • Texture
  • Light Remodel and Construction
  • Lead-Based Paint Removal
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Residential House Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Cabinetry Painting
  • Staining and Lacquer finishes
  • Siding Replacement Contractor

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