Isn’t it amazing how a fresh coat of paint can completely transform the look of a home’s exterior? Whether your home looks tired and outdated or you’re just wanting a change, a new color can work wonders. So, if you’re thinking about giving your home a facelift or you’re simply on the hunt for inspiration, you’re in the right place!

In this blog, we’re showcasing our top paint colors of 2024. From timeless neutrals to stunning shades, these colors are sure to breathe new life into your home’s curb appeal and make it stand out in the neighborhood. And just a heads up, these colors are in no particular order.
Additionally, these are all real color combinations that our professional team has been recommending to homeowners (and painting) in 2024. Let’s jump right in and discover how these colors can transform your home!

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Top Exterior Paint Colors For 2024



1. Smokey Blue: Timeless Serenity

For an embrace of serenity, Smokey Blue is your color. This versatile blue-gray effortlessly goes with any home style. We added to an exterior along with a Stolen Kiss colored door, clear-stained Cedar Accents, and Extra White trim – giving the exterior a touch of romantic and natural style.

a home with smokey blue house paint color

Exterior Paint Color Profile

2. Naval: Bold and Modern

Meet Naval – a bold, deep blue ready to make a statement. Paired with Neutral Ground trim and clear-stained Cedar accents, it’s a powerhouse of strength and modernity, offering a balanced contrast that will spotlight your home’s architectural details with flair.

naval blue exterior house color on a home in portland area

Exterior Paint Color Profile

3. Granite Peak: Timeless Sophistication

You can elevate your home’s exterior with Granite Peak too, a mix of warm, earthy tones. With Egret White trim, you’ll be crafting a classic-contemporary masterpiece. Splash in subtle accents like the color Tricorn Black and Let It Rain for depth and intrigue, giving off a chic aesthetic.

a portland area house with granite pak house paint on the exterior

Exterior Paint Color Profile

4. Salty Dog: Coastal Freshness

Dip into coastal freshness with Salty Dog, a maritime blue that captures seaside living. Imagine it alongside Extra White trim – a coastal dream even if the ocean is miles away. Add a splash of warmth with a Knockout Orange colored door for a playful touch. With Salty Dog as your main exterior color, your home will be like a coastal haven, whether it’s near the shore or nestled in the heart of the city.

a portland area home with salty dog blue exterior house paint color

Exterior Paint Color Profile

5. Blue Cruise: Nautical Chic

Sail into nautical chic with Blue Cruise, a calming blue that brings the sea to your doorstep. At JK Paint, we like to picture this exterior house color with Anchors Away colored shutters, a Goldenrod painted door, and Extra White colored trim for a fresh and crisp finish that’s like a breath of ocean breeze.


Exterior Paint Color Profile


1.Evergreen Fog: Nature’s Calm

evergreen fog paint sample

Let Evergreen Fog bring nature’s calm to the exterior of your home. This green-gray hue seamlessly melds with its surroundings, teaming up with Extra White trim and Buckhorn shake siding that looks intriguing. With these colors, your home will become a sanctuary, inspired by the soothing embrace of nature’s palette.

Exterior Paint Color Profile

2. Ripe Olive: Timeless Style

ripe olive paint color

Invite classic elegance to the exterior of your home with Ripe Olive, a rich green tone that gets lots of attention. Paired alongside Tricorn Black trim, it dances on the edge of modern and classic, leaving a mark that lingers in the minds of all who stroll by.

portland area home with ripe olive green exterior paint

Exterior Paint Color Profile

3.Forestwood: Simple Beauty

forestwood paint color

Forestwood effortlessly becomes one with its surroundings, boasting a muted green-gray tone. You can see it pictured with Canvas Tan trim and Anonymous wood elements – a match made in exterior heaven. The result? A fun look that brings out your home’s unique architectural details.

portland area home with forestwood exterior paint color

Exterior Paint Color Profile

4. Koi Pond: Lively Vibes

Dive into lively vibes with Koi Pond, a bold blue-green paint shade that injects joy and energy into your home’s exterior. When paired with Alabaster trim and a Tea Chest front door, it shows a good middle ground between boldness and subtlety. Any home with this combination of exterior colors will look like a vibrant canvas.

portland area home witj koi pond exterior paint

Exterior Paint Color Profile


1.Dorian Gray: Modern Simplicity

doria gray paint color

Introducing Dorian Gray – the relaxed and chill tone of gray paint colors, adding a modern touch with its subtle yet striking tone. Mix it up with Pure White trim and Black Fox accents for a lasting and trendy contemporary vibe that’s sure to turn heads.

Exterior Paint Color Profile

2. Urban Bronze: Bold and Beautiful

dorian gray paint sample

Urban Bronze is the rebel in the exterior color lineup, elevating homes with its intense, but natural look. Pair it up with Accessible Beige trim and doors painted in Benjamin Moore’s “Caliente” for a warm and inviting hue that’s ready to steal the spotlight in any neighborhood.

house in portland with urban brinze gray exterior house paint

Exterior Paint Color Profile

3. Gauntlet Grey: Timeless Appeal

gauntlet grey house color

Gauntlet Grey siding enhances your home’s exterior with a lasting appeal. Alabaster trim and a Salute-colored front door make this a classic option that doesn’t just leave an impression — but makes a statement.

Exterior Paint Color Profile

4. Repose Gray: Serene Elegance

Repose grey exterior house color

The main house color Repose Gray adds a touch of serene elegance to your home’s exterior. We like to pair it with Gauntlet Gray trim and a Sea Serpent-colored door, creating a beautiful haven that’s all about balance and timeless charm.

Exterior Paint Color Profile

5. Iron Ore: Modern Industrial

iron ore paint color

Meet Iron Ore – the powerhouse that turns your home into a modern industrial masterpiece. Extra White trim and Cityscape-colored accents can be used to showcase boldness and contrast, unveiling an edgy aesthetic that screams modernism..

blue house with new paint | JK Painting

Exterior Paint Color Profile

6. Monorail Silver: Sleek Minimalism

monorail paint color

Monorail Silver brings sleek minimalism to your home’s exterior. Think Pure White trim and Black Magic-colored shutters for a perfect mix of light and dark elements, making your home a testament to sleek, modern design that’s effortlessly chic.

home in portland with monorail gray exterior house paint

Exterior Paint Color Profile

7. Web Gray: Cool Sophistication

web grey color

Web Gray adds sophistication to your siding, creating a modern and inviting look. Paired with Pure White trim and Serious Gray accents, it gives off a perfect harmony of colors, symbolizing modern elegance that’s as cool as it gets.

In the photo above, Web Gray is used for the lower level (darker), while Serious Gray is used for the top level (lighter).

Exterior Paint Color Profile

8. Acier: Contemporary Charm

acier grey paint color

The paint color Acier introduces contemporary charm with its muted gray-green hue. We have it pictured with Extra White trim (because it’s always a good match) and the color Overjoy on the front door, welcoming visitors with a stylish aesthetic that’s earthy yet crisp.

house in portland with acier gray paint coor

Exterior Paint Color Profile

9. Peppercorn: Rich and Regal

a color sample of peppercorn paint color for exteriors

When Peppercorn takes the stage as the main color of your house, it’ll infuse your home exterior with a rich and regal presence. Paired with Naval accents and Extra White trim and doors, it strikes a perfect balance of light and dark elements, making a memorable impression on anyone passing by – it’s unmistakably impressive.

portland area home with peppercorn gray house painting

Exterior Paint Color Profile

White & Black

1. Alabaster: Timeless Simplicity

alabaster white paint color

Alabaster bestows your home with a crisp and classic vibe. Paired with stained posts and other accents, the natural aesthetics against this serene white backdrop create an inviting look that whispers ageless elegance.

house in the portland area with white alabaster exterior paint

Exterior Paint Color Profile

2. Pure White: Modern Sophistication

pure white apint color

In the world of exteriors, Pure White is the cool cat on the block. We’d recommend giving it a stylish companion – Tricorn Black trim. Together, they pull off a sleek and contemporary look, making a bold statement with clean lines and an air of timeless swagger.

Exterior Paint Color Profile

3. Snowbound: Subtle Charm

snowbound color

Snowbound steps onto the scene, bringing subtle charm to your home’s exterior. Paired effortlessly with Tricorn Black trim, it weaves a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere that’s like a simple, sweet melody for your abode.

home in portland with snowbound white exterior paint

Exterior Paint Color Profile

4. Iron Ore: Contemporary Elegance

iron ore paint color

Iron Ore is the drama king, bringing contemporary elegance with a bold and striking facade. Paired with Tricorn Black trim, it dances on the edge of light and dark, adding a splash of modern sophistication that’ll make your home the talk of the town.

Exterior Paint Color Profile

5. White Dove: Classic Neutrality

white dove color

Enter White Dove by Benjamin Moore – the maestro of classic neutrality. Paired with Iron Ore trim and a transparent stained door, it orchestrates a timeless and inviting allure, a classic symphony with an approachable charm.

home in portland area with white dove exterior paint

Exterior Paint Color Profile

6. Shell White: Coastal Elegance

shel white color

The exterior color Shell White will add coastal elegance to your home. Partnered with Tricorn Black trim, it crafts a light and airy ambiance, capturing the very essence of coastal living with a sprinkle of modern edge. Your home is sure to transform into a serene coastal retreat, where every day feels like a vacation.

aportland area home using shell white exterior house paint

Exterior Paint Color Profile

Conclusion: Elevate Your Home’s Exterior with 2024’s Top Paint Colors

With these top seven paint colors, you can give your home’s exterior a stylish makeover that reflects your personality and taste. Whether you prefer timeless neutrals or bold pops of color, there’s a color here for everyone.

Are you ready to completely transform your home with one of the top trending colors of 2024? If so, contact our team for a free quote! JK Paint & contracting is a local, 5-star rated painting company serving the Portland metro area. We only use top-quality paints and products and offer industry-leading warranties on our work.

Additionally, get a free color consultation as part of your quote! Together, we will help you find the color that matches the aesthetic you are looking for.

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