Pay-Per-Hour Painting Service

For interior painting services only

Save time and money by hiring a professional JK Paint employee at an hourly rate.

How It works

1st hour– $175 (must be paid before job start via card / mailed in check)
We will not charge a processing fee (this is built into the first hour charge).

Hourly Rate = $90/hour (per laborer / per hour)

Time starts upon arrival and is paused during lunch breaks and at the end of the day. Time end upon completion & payment of service.

Paint should be supplied by owner.

To help the project go as quickly as possible:

  • Removing Furniture from the Work Area(s)
  • Removing Wall Decor from the Work Area(s)
  • Removing Outlet Covers / Switch Covers
  • Having enough paint / materials ready to go before Painter Arrival

JK Paint is happy to help with any/all of the above however it will be billed time.