Best Exterior Home Colors Based on Location

Technically, you can paint your home’s exterior whatever color you please, whether that’s a vibrant green or a muted blue-gray. But there’s more to consider when choosing an exterior paint color than just your personal color preferences.

Most homeowners want their home’s exterior to complement its surroundings and look appealing to those living locally—which means picking a color that’s popular in your area. If you’re wondering how to choose an exterior home color that matches the personality of your home state, you’re in luck! Here are the best exterior home color based on location.


The South is a fan of color, with some of the most popular choices for homeowners including lush greens, ocean blues, and mandarin oranges. If you’re a proud Georgian, you can paint your home a peachy color to match the state fruit, or if you’re a Texan, choose a green or brown shade to complement the pecan trees growing abundantly in your backyard.


The Northeast, like the south, is a fan of bold color choices, with shades of green, purple, and rust coming out on top. But if you’re more a fan of neutrals, you’ll be happy to hear that whites and grays are all the rage in the urban areas of coastal states like Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island.


Neutral, earthy colors like gray, bronze, maroon, and fir are ideal choices for your Midwestern abode. For folks living in the cities, neutral grays and browns are where it’s at. Homeowners residing near the Great Lakes may prefer a gray or blue shade to match the cloudy skies or lapping lake waters, while those further down south can make their homes stand out among dense fields of produce with a dark green or dark red hue.


If you live in the West, the best exterior home color based on location are beachy sand tones, woodsy browns, and cloudy blues. Tan colors pay homage to California’s sandy coast, but in the land of Hollywood, you can paint your home any color of the rainbow and have it look great. Blues and grays are common in Seattle, one of the rainiest cities in the US, but a sunny yellow can boost moods during long periods of dreary showers.

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