5 Reasons Why Lead Paint Is Harmful to You and Your Home

Lead was a common additive in paint because it made the mixture more durable, moisture-resistant, and longer-lasting. However, it was outlawed in 1978 after its dangerous side effects became widely known, but many homes built before that year still contain traces of lead paint.

If you suspect your home was painted with lead paint, it’s important to have it tested and removed as soon as possible. Why? Simple—because it’s dangerous. Here are five reasons why lead paint is harmful to you and your home.

It Usually Lurks in the Depths

Most homes have been repainted at least once since 1978. This means that most lead paint is hiding underneath one or more layers of non-lead paint, which makes it difficult to detect it using simple, at-home testing methods.

It’s Dangerous Even When It’s Not Deteriorating

It’s true that lead paint is at its most dangerous when it’s deteriorating. That’s because deterioration causes it to chip and flake, which releases lead dust into the air and deposits paint chips around the home.

But lead paint can be dangerous even when it’s not deteriorating, so don’t wait until it shows visible signs of wear and tear to remove it.

It Can Get Everywhere

Another reason why lead paint is harmful to you and your home is that lead dust can get everywhere—on the floor, on furniture, on décor, and even on your clothes. And if your exterior has lead paint, it can even seep into the soil surrounding your home.

The longer you wait to deal with it, the more it will spread and the harder it will be to remove from your home.

It’s Bad for Your Health

Lead exposure can cause:

According to The Department of Health and Human Services, Environmental Protection Agency, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer, lead paint is also a probable carcinogen, or cancer-causing agent.

It’s Not Just a Threat to Children and Pets

Lead paint tends to pose a greater risk to children and pets because they may put contaminated objects in their mouths. But you don’t have to consume lead for it to be dangerous. Most people exposed to lead breathe it in. This can lead to health problems in adults, children, and pets alike.

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