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How often does the exterior of my house need painted? 

- Every 7-10 years. If a higher grade paint is used and prepwork is done correctly, the life of your paint job will be as long as 10-20 years. 


My house doesn't look that bad.  Why should I paint? 

- Preventative maintenance is less expensive than repair maintenance, check for split caulking around window and door trim and in siding joints. If there are any visible gaps, water can penetrate behind the siding. JK Paint performs detailed caulking and we also offer flashing options. 


Can I get a cost estimate before agreeing to hire JK Paint? 

- Yes, our estimates are free and usually only require 30 minutes of your time. 


Can vinyl siding be painted?

-Yes. Vinyl must be primed or painted with Resilience from Sherwin Williams. Resilience is a paint and primer in one great for painting vinyl siding. 


Why should I use a licensed painting contractor?

- A Licensed contractor has insurance that cover accidents that could occur on your property. Protecting you from accident liability.

- A Licensed contractor has workers compensation insurance to protect the employees.


Do I have to get the paint?

- No. JK Paint will provide you with a recommended product and total material cost for the job. 


Can you help me choose the color? 

- Yes. We paint many houses and have a helpful eye for color.


Can you match the color of my neighbor's house? 

-Yes. There is no addition charge for this service. 


What do I need to do to prepare for painters? 

-Move patio / lawn furniture away from house and trim fullage at least 1 foot away from surfaces, or make arrangements with JK Paint or another party to have fullage trimmed. 


How long will it take to paint my house? 

-A smaller house usually requires 2-3 work days for JK Paint.

A two story house usually requires 4-5 work days for JK Paint.

What hours will the paint crew work?

-6:30AM-5:30PM. Work hours discussed before the work begins to ensure the homeowner is comfortable.


Do I need to be home? 

-Not for the entire duration. However, when painting doors JK Paint prefers to paint entire surface. To do this it is best if door is open for a few hours 1 day. These arrangements will be made before the job begins. 


Can you paint in the rain? 

- Not outside.