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Meet the Owner 


“My favorite moments during the course of a job are when a client notices our attention to detail and how thorough we are when preparing the house.  They can already tell we are doing good work before we have even applied the paint.  


Also, when the job is complete and our clients are amazed with how beautiful the paint looks, love the colors and are happy about the overall experience throughout the course of the job.”

Motivated entrepreneur, Joe Kelly, started his own business at a young age and has worked hard to network and provide every client with courteous, professional service as well as continuing to establish a trusted name in the painting business and the local community. Though, for Joe, hard work and motivation did not begin with JK Paint.


Joe grew up in St. Paul, Oregon working on the family farm each summer from age seven and staying busy with athletics and clubs during each school year at St. Paul High School.  Recruited by a college painting company while attending Oregon State University, Joe began managing a local painting branch. During his first spring and summer painting, Joe worked extremely hard gathering jobs, hiring employees, working with clients and performing the prep and painting work.  Joe managed over 40 painting projects his first summer and developed an appreciation for painting, working with clients and working for himself. The following spring, Joe started JK Paint and went into business for himself.


Since establishing JK Paint, Joe has learned a great deal and has enjoyed working and growing with clients and his team.  Joe enjoys the art of painting and the hard work that goes into creating a beautiful and lasting finished product.  Joe also enjoys meeting new people and working with his clients and his painting team toward a common goal.  


Outside of painting and his business, Joe enjoys music, playing guitar, spending quality time with his girlfriend of three years, spending time with his family and younger siblings, and running and hiking with his dog.

Joe works with a few other painters at each job. Like Joe, these JK Paint employees share the same quality values and have the client’s best interest in mind at every job. Over the course of working together, one JK Paint employee, Carlos, become Joe’s best friend and has played a major role in the growth of JK Paint. Carlos is the jobsite foreman for JK Paint.


Carlos has worked with Joe at JK Paint for two years and takes great pride in all of his work. Carlos is a hard worker and an invaluably smart worker who strives to perform each job even better than the last. In addition to painting, Carlos brings many other skills to JK Paint. Carlos is a jack-of-all-trades with experience painting cars, setting concrete, framing, siding and decks, to name just a few.


Outside of work, Carlos is a husband and a father of two children.  He enjoys home projects, gardening, conversation and classic cars. 

Meet the JK Paint Team